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About The Afro Fairy Goddess

"Welcome to the fairy door, knock three times and not one more."

I am a living, breathing spiritual force filled with magick and love.  I prefer peace and joy with my mangoes, talking with my elders, and trees in the gullies of my island home Barbados (the real libraries of our life time); and sometimes run my mouth and host The Afro Fairy Goddess Podcast. 


I come from a long line of Afro Caribbean men and women with broad rimmed hats, soiled covered fingers with scotch bonnet  and honey under their tongues. They have taught me to work with herbs, manifest via prayers and meditations, to trust my Ori as I dive for sea glass at the bottom of the ocean. 


This entire platform means the world to me, because practicing my Afro Spirituality was hard for me as bullies live everywhere. It is a space I've made not only for myself, but other Afro based spiritual practitioners who are looking to uplift our community. It's a way of life. I hope what I'm building amplifies your spirit and reminds you to always believe in your magick. 🌻


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