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Before adornments are made...

Before I string one single bead for you, it is important, that we sit and talk about what you need and what you are looking for energetically in, and on your space to help amplify your already powerful Spirit.  The sacredness of adornment, has been heavily commercialized and mass produced.  We  carry a lot in our wombs. We carry children, we birth creative projects, trauma and triumph. We carry our sacred sexuality and sensuality. Our softness. When we lose a child, we hold our bellies and mourn, when we laugh, a good fish market laugh, we hold our bellies.

I'm not for everyone and that's perfect!!!! 


These are very sacred. They are cleansed, weaved, blessed and charged with my Reiki and my Asé then released to their respective owners.  If you would like a set, please set up your consultation below. 


The charge for this consultation is USD $22.22 and is non-refundable. It is deducted from the over all cost of your finished waist beads. 


Thank you for your time, understanding and collaboration.

Beaded Necklaces
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