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Full Tarot Read (1 HR)

Full Tarot Read (1 HR)




Divinations and readings take a lot of time, energy and in most cases patience when I am in service. I understand and appreciate that others may want to charge you for a five minute reading or a ten minute reading, however, in my practice recently this is not the best option for those who approach me for this service or even myself, for giving of this service.  


Readings cannot be contained in an hourglass. 


Messages are either a little or a lot, depending on what you've asked, or more importantly, what is told.  I could tell you ten minutes, but the time it takes to receive a message may take 30.  It is extremely important to me as I serve as a conduit for these messages, that I give of my best and this is the best. 


If this does not fit how you wish to receive them, then I am not your reader and that is fine. Your match is probably just around the corner.


With that being said:

Along with your booking, please send 1-3 questions you wish to ask.  These questions will be asked on your behalf and be divined. The meeting time you have scheduled is for us to sit and have a conversation about what has been received by myself and any additional information that may come during the reading itself. 


In addition to reading, I will suggest 'spiritual prescriptions' that you can choose to do, to compliments your reading, example a bath(s) , meditations etc


Please note once your payment is sent, there are no refunds. I understand that emergencies happen and times may have to be rescheduled. 


This is a forecast of where you are currently. I do not control time and space. You live and make decisions and depending on those choices, your path (s) are likely to change.


No death questions

No love spells (self love work yes)


This is a full detailed reading into your question(s) delivered in 1 hour Live Video call via zoom OR 1hour Pre-recorded video.​ 


You get up to 3 questions. 


​Pre-recorded videos will be delivered between 3-5 business days of payment through PayPal here

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